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A Bit About Us

PikassoBaby Design is a website design company for small to medium, independent businesses. We value quality, simplicity, and minimalism. At the same time, we integrate the surrounding environment and history that inspire us into our website designs. This includes a great range of art and the use of colours and patterns, good music, global (& local) social and political changes, to worth-telling individuals’ stories.


What inspire us to design? What are our thought on creativity? Base on our name, you probably have a good idea of what inspire us already. We are also inspired by music and creative artists. We absorb all we can absorb from our surrounding environments from building designs to city arrangements, while eliminate all the unnecessary things. While we are not against trends, we certainly use what’s‘trendy’ carefully. We bring these factors into our designs. Our creativity comes from the greatness around us.


Our web design is carefully, strategically, thought through for your business purpose. We are big on visitor-friendly, fast-loading , and simplistic and minimalist website designs to deliver a high-ranking SEO website for your business. We combine efficient website designs with business mind, securing your visitors to stay longer on your website.


We are a small group of design enthusiasts from Canada. You can find us in Taiwan, Thailand, and Canada offering our ideas to businesses. You can also find us offering our ideas in English, Chinese, and Thai.

Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.
- Pablo Picasso

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